Parylene Coating Machines for “C” and “N” Types




Masking Prior to Urethane and Acrylic Coatings


Masking Prior to Parylene Process


Parylene Masking ready for Vacuum Deposition Process


Urethane Coating completed, masking boots still in place.


Flourescent component in some coatings allow coverage Inspection by UV light

Parylene “N” used for coating odd forms.

Standard Coatings

Conformal Coating such as Urethanes and Acrylics can be applied by Automated Spray Process, Brush or Dipping as the Customers requirements dictate.

Parylene Coating

Parylene Coating is applied in a Vacuum Deposition Process that provides a consistent thickness of coating, reaching into all areas where normal coatings might be compromised or insufficient, effected by shadowing, or low standoff height..