Program Managers

Program Managers are responsible for ensuring that all of the Customer requirements and expectations are met, from Quoting through the Manufacturing, Documentation, and Certification process. Program managers provide a direct link from the Manufacturing and Quality Teams at Astronic, ensuring timely and accurate documentation and traceability.

Steven Choi          

David Kwon          

Jasmine Tanner   

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance TEAM



VP Manufacturing/Mfg Engineer –  Kristine Cynn

Mfg/Process Engineer  – Patrick McBride

Quality Assurance Manager  – David Kwon

Mission Statement:

” At Astronic. we build in the Quality that

goes into making our Customers’ Products exceptional” ™


Astronic will provide a Program Manager, an exclusive interface and conduit for all documentation and information between you the Customer, and Astronic.

Program Managers Team up with Manufacturing and Quality to assure that

A) all of the Assembly and Quality Requirements can be met, and

B) that all Assembly and Quality Requirements ARE met prior to shipping.