New Flying Probe Test Station

August 20, 2014 – Aliso Viejo, CAFP 2

FP 1

SPEA Flying Probe Test Stations

Astronic announces the addition of SPEA Flying Probe Machines to the Test Engineering department, to provide Customers with a fast and effective test of the circuitry in their assemblies, custom designed for each assembly or assembly type.

Flying Probe uses up to 8 probes simultaneously to test circuitry across the assembly, both top side and bottom side (if applicable) at the same time.  Flying probe is a speedy and less costly alternative to In Circuit Testing requiring “Clamshell” fixturing. Changes in design require only simple programming changes, not new fixturing as with typical ICT.

Astronic has been a Turnkey CM in southern CA for over 30 years, supplying Quality assemblies to Aerospace, Industrial Control Companies, as well as commercial products for general use.  Astronic is an ISO 9000, ISO 13485 (Medical Devices), and AS9100 Certified Company.

Astronic   – 2 Orion – Aliso Viejo, CA- 92656

Contact info :  Kristine Cynn

” a huge benefit for us is that we can use the SPEA Flying probe as a manufacturing verification and First Article Tool, in the same way that AOI might be used to detect components, the FP machine inspects and evaluates the circuitry, further verifying the production machine setup is correct.”