Die attach is performed on the Palomar 3800 Bonding Machine.  Complex Micro Assembly builds can be orchestrated on this incredibly flexible build platform. The 3800 Die Bonder utilizes a large work area, various presentation tools, steady state and pulsed heat system for eutectic bonding, high-accuracy motion system, multiple dispense technologies, die ejectors and Cognex Vision System. 

Component Placement applications include:

AuSi eutectic scrub

AuSn eutectic solder attach

Anisotropic Conductive Paste for Flip Chip attachment

High accuracy placement for optical devices.

Nordson Plasma Cleaning System for use in activating and cleaning surfaces prior to wire bonding.  Plasma is generated using both 02 and Argon gases.


Wire Bonding is performed on the Palomar 8000 Wire Bonding Machine. 

Services Offered:

  • Auxillary Wire Bonding

  • Ball Bonding

  • Ball Stud Bumping

  • Chain Bonding

  • Co-Planarized Gold Bumping

  • Fine Pitch Gold Wire

  • Gold Ball Bumping

  • Gold Wire Bonding in place of ribbon

  • Gold Wire Bonding

  • Ribbon Bonding

  • Tailess Ball Bumping.

Shear and Pull Testing is performed using Royce Instruments Test Station, with integrated SPC Data.