Astronic COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines

Our top priority at Astronic during the Pandemic remains the safety and well being of our employees, and summarily the ability to maintain production and meet our Customer requirements.

Within the factory, in an effort to mitigate and minimize any possible spread of the virus the following has been implemented.

N95 masks are provided for all employees at Astronic.

Wall mounted automatic dispense Hand Sanitizing Stations have been positioned through the factory.

Temperatures are taken for all employees on a daily basis as they enter the building. Employees showing a Temperature will be tested immediately. If test is Positive, contact tracing is performed based on that person’s station and work habits, and tests are administered as needed.  A Positive Test will require 2 weeks home quarantine, with a Negative test in hand <3 days old required before returning to work.

Visitors are also required to have their temperature taken, and to be masked at all times in the building.

Astronic has brought Covid Testing in house, to better assist Contact Tracing if an Employee falls ill at work.

Astronic has advised all Employees to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the CDC and local Authorities with regard to masking in public, social distancing, and avoidance of large gatherings, and in addition, to limit travel.

If travel cannot be avoided, or has already been planned, to follow the following guidelines:

If traveling by airplane, whether domestically or internationally, you will be required to self quarantine upon return for 2 weeks prior to reporting back to work, or to present a Negative COVID-19 Test result administered following your return to the US, prior to returning to work.

Barring that, International Travelers will present their Passports as proof of the two week self quarantine following their return to the States. Your Passport will show that you returned to the US 2 weeks prior to returning to work.

If you are vacationing locally, and are traveling using your own vehicle, we expect that employees will follow social distancing guidelines, wear masks when distancing cannot be maintained, and to reasonably take preventative steps to avoid possible infection before returning to work.

Employees are directed to not come to work if not feeling well, even with no current diagnosis of the COVID-19 virus, and are required to present a negative test upon return to Astronic.