100% Inspection of all Solder Joints

Whether by human eye, or by AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), 100% of all solder joints are inspected at Astronic as standard operating procedure.


Receiving Inspection

Received items and Certs are checked against Customer BOM and Job Requirements



In Process Inspections

BPI – Before Placement Inspection.  Verification of Machine Setup and Feeder Mapping.

BTHI – Before Through Hole Inspection.  Verification of Insertions, Polarity, and Locations.

AOI –  Automated Optical Inspection.  Machine based Inspection routines to verify presence, non-presence, polarity, alignment, value,, and solder joint condition.

X-Ray – All bottom terminated components are X-Rayed to rule out soldering anomalies.




Final Inspection

Final Inspection provides verification that the assembly meets the requirements of the DWG and Document package.


Source Inspection

Astronic maintains 2 Source Inspection Rooms, for Customers who wish or require a third party Inspection, whether a Final Inspection, or an In Process Inspection/Gate.